The reasons why meal prep is important:

  1. It enables you to portion food. Food portioning is the amount of food you choose to eat for a meal,it could be big or small. Food portioning can help you stay within your calorie,fat and sodium recommendations for the day. Portioning food will also help you to maintain a healthy body weight.

  2. It enables you to choose the right diet. For instance,
    (a) Keto Diet consists of low carbs,high fat and moderate protein. Keto diet is a meal used for weight loss. Keto diet is not recommended for pregnant women,people with kidney disease,liver disease,cardiac arrhythmia or type 1 diabetes.
    (b) Vegan Diet is a plant based meal. Is a diet comprising of fruits, vegetables and legumes. Vegan diet can help provide vitamins and minerals needed for the body growth.
    (c) Omnivorous Diet is a meal that consists of plants and animal products such as beef,matton,pork,chicken,milk.

  3. It reduces food wastage.

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