When to drink blue tea?

  • During meal time. You can take a cup of blue tea during lunch or supper on a daily basis. This will help in food digestion.

  • When your body is overweight. You can drink the blue tea daily to reduce on the fats in the body.

  • When your are suffering from stress. It has a charismatic effort on human body that helps to lift up the mood and relax the mind.

  • When the sugar level in the blood increases. If your blood sugar level increases,you can drink a cup of blue tea on daily basis until the sugar level lowers. It will help regulate the blood sugar.

  • When the hair is unhealthy. Incase there is poor hair growth,you should start drinking blue tea on a daily basis which will help your hair to be health.

  • When the skin is affected. Incase the skin is not healthy,you should drink a cup of blue tea on a daily basis until the skin improves.

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